Is a modular home constructed the same way as a traditional house?

Our modular homes are constructed using the same building codes which apply to traditional stick frame houses. Exterior walls can be 2x4 or 2x6 construction/ Roofs can be a variety of slopes and styles.

What is the R-value of Enercept panels?

There are three methods of heat transfer - convection, conduction and radiation. R-value is the measure of resistance to heat loss by conduction only. The most important factor in thermal efficiency is the continuity of the insulation. The Enercept system results in a solid envelope of rigid foam insulation. Therefore, an Enercept structure has the ability to resist heat transfer by conduction and convection (air movement). It is reasonable to assume that a conventional home would require an R-40 wall and an R-60 roof to compete with a 6-inch Enercept wall (R-24) and an 8-inch Enercept roof (R-32).

Does my new home carry a warranty?

Yes. All our homes carry a 10-year Builder's Limited Warranty. Your new car comes with a warranty. Shouldn't the largest purchase you will most likely make come with a warranty as well? Ask and we'll send you a copy to review.

Is there a cost savings to build modular?

Time and Certainty - The modular home is completed quickly thereby saving months of mortgage payments. Since the home is designed and build off-site, many variables such as weather and labor shortages are avoided.

What are SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels)?

SIPs are super energy efficient building panels for walls, roofs and floors. Enercept panels are made using expanded polystyrene (EPS) rigid foam insulation laminated between oriented strand board (OSB). The result is a very strong, predictable, highly energy efficient framing system. SIPs are used in residential, commercial and agricultural applications. You will also see SIPs referred to as sandwich panels. SIPs are assembled using the same tip-up method used in concrete tilt-up panel construction.

How does the cost of a SIP structure compare to stick-built?

Depending upon the cost of labor and materials in your area, the finished cost of an Enercept SIP structure is comparable to stick framing. Material cost may be slightly higher, but the framing labor cost will be lower. The real savings is realized after your building is completed and you can begin to save 50% or more on heating and cooling costs, and as you continue to save for as long as you live in your home.

If I want to pursue working with SDC where do I begin?

Send us an email or call us at 508-728-5707 to set up your first appointment.