Each home is custom built in climate controlled conditions, inside a factory. All building materials are protected from adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow and won’t absorb excess moisture during construction. By eliminating the ravages of weather, the completed house will not be subject to the inevitable wall and door warp, nail pops and drywall cracking caused by lumber drying after the house is complete.


SDC offers an extensive line of home plans, customization options and custom designed homes. We are supported by a design and engineering department equipped with the latest computer-aided design programs. They are ready to modify plans to suit your preferences or draw a custom home plan if you have a special design in mind. We can also build your home from a plan you already have.


SDC Modular homes are built by hand using a stable, year round work force of experienced construction professionals. By maintaining a year-round, uninterrupted work flow and a stable work force, the workmanship is consistently of the highest quality.


When the final plans are approved by you, the final price is determined eliminating any cost overruns before construction begins. A substantial cost savings may be realized due to the speed in which each home is built. Less building time results in lowering your construction loan interest costs.


Each stage of construction is carefully monitored by the factory’s own quality control department to assure you of the highest quality home on the market. SDC modular homes are built in compliance with Massachusetts and all nationally accepted building codes. An independent third party inspection agency certifies that each home is built in accordance with approved plans. In general, the modular home undergoes more rigorous inspections than site-built homes.


Since SDC modular buildings are built in a factory, from the inside out, modular builders can access areas that stick builders can not. Air infiltration is dramatically reduced by the use of a foam sealant on the back of the sheetrock seams. Added to this, the fact that the insulation stays dry, in place and holds its R-value allows the energy efficiency of the home to be maintained. This is all done in order to keep you more comfortable while saving you more money.


The construction time of a modular home is substantially shorter than a site-built home. Modular homes do not experience the costly construction delays caused to weather or “no show” subcontractors that site-built homes do. Since modular homes are delivered 90% complete, most families move into their new home within a few short weeks of delivery. This shorter construction time can save the home buyer a substantial amount of money. The construction loan, which typically has a higher interest rate, will be converted into a final mortgage in a period of weeks rather than months.


Homeowners can be secure knowing that their modular homes are backed by written warranties. Modular homes use nationally recognized name brands in construction. Each home comes with a full warranty package from the product manufacturer and a one-year SDC warranty.

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